2014 Chevrolet Agile

2014 Chevrolet Agile Facelift

2014 Chevrolet Agile – The new model from Chevrolet is the all new Agile and will certainly be available in mid of 2014. The model has all new designed internal in addition to the external look. The model additionally features excellent technologies, a lot of and additive comfort features, sportiness and higher than all the safety features.

The exterior look is created a lot more stylish and the interiors gained full refinement with new flat wheels that ensures driving comfort and straightforward accessibility. The Chevrolet Agile is powered by 1. 4 liter engine that develops 102 horsepower at the rate of six thousand revolutions per minute. The model generates a torque of concerning 13. 5 Nm. The entire Chevrolet Agile is extremely nicely equipped with latest features and technologies. The LTZ version of the model has 2 choices one the manual and the different is the easytronic, it’s the cruise management features, automatic illumination of the headlights, radio along with cd in addition to mp3 participant, USB, Bluetooth, voice recognition system, automated dial phone and front auxiliary input system.

The higher than features are both additional or upgraded when compared with the earlier model. These features are believed to drive the car fans crazy and force them to reach for the model. The LTZ version has a brand new function referred to as the easytronic second generation that presents paddle shifts and helps in gear selector on the steering wheel for a lot of comfy and straightforward gear changes, just in case the driver wishes to apply it.

2014 Chevrolet Agile Photos

The five-door subcompact is motivated by the same 1. 4-liter Econo. Flex four-cylinder engine which delivers 97 horsepower when running on gasoline and enables the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 11. 5 seconds a reach a prime pace of 107 mph (172 km/h). When fueled by ethanol, the Agile has 102 HP at its disposal and the 0-62 drops to 10. 9 seconds, whilst prime pace moves up at one hundred ten mph (177 km. h).

The 2014 Chevrolet Agile is requried to be made by sale as we speak beginning from BRL40, 320, which suggests concerning $18, 500 at current exchange rates, and could be ordered in 10 colours